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Subhashini Ms – Healing my Anger and Irritation

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Outcome using Pranayama and Chakra meditation for healing my thyroid by Subhashini, Setiawan.

“I was getting tired and feeling no energy at the end of the day. Very irritable and react to everyone at home and work.  GP did a health check up and said my thyroid was not functioning and need to go on thyroid hormone. I do not like swallowing medicine daily.

Another Dr told me that the source of my thyroid issue must be investigated and treated first. He interviewed me on my life style, food intake and assessed my mental health.

I recently had few crisis in my family. The emotional turmoil could have triggered my thyroid not working well. I get irritated easily and have quick outburst.

I decided to try alternative healing methods. I was introduced to Dr Supa by a friend in March, 2019. I attended her healing session followed by the healing workshop.

I was taught Reiki Cleansing or Detox Breath work and breathing through my chakras using Prana Sakti. She taught me chakra meditation too, to heal my throat chakra. She adviced me to take certain foods as if like medicine together with Mudra Therapy for healing my throat chakra and my thyroid.

I started feeling energetic and strong.

I did another laboratory test 6 months later and was told my thyroid level were normal.

The source of my thyroid problem was healed. I am contd with my self healing and chakra meditation to balance all my prana vayu.

I am happy that I do not need to take medication. Thank you.”