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Pranam, Gasshoo, Namaste  and Love,

First of all before proceeding, I would like to Thank You to Dr. Supa for her valuable lesson and guidance throughout the Reiki session as well as with nurturing classes.

I have gained so many experiences and also learnt Reiki skills from this journey. I was doing meditation for quiet sometime and I am also looking for someone who can lead me through the next level of Spiritualism.

I have just lost my loving brother this year and I was in sorrow as I could not focus in anything and kept thinking about him every day. I am also feel very tired and sick and no energy as always.

I was introduced by Madam Meena to Dr. Supa for this Reiki Healing Workshop. I would say that I am so lucky as I have found Dr. Supa who guided me through this Reiki Healing Workshop, create awareness and clear lots of things which I always pondering in my mind.

I have attended her class and I have learnt about Reiki Healing History, Techniques, Attunements, Reiki Symbols, Proper way of meditation, sound Therapy, Energy, Vibration, Mantras and many more.

All these was a turning point into my life which brings lots of improvement and changes in my personal life, relationship, at working place and it has created a lots of personal realization to me on how to lead a better life. My worries, sorrow was gone too.

I have started to do meditation every day, cleansing, healing my chakras, healing myself and helping others who are also having troubles. I feel very happy, gratitude to the Divine Source, and thankful to Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Supa, all the angels, Masters, God and Goddess, Siddhas, Yogis and Yoginis and Cosmic energies/Universal Life Force Energy which made me realize who I am through and my personal journey through Earth with this powerful Reiki Healing Methods and Meditation Techniques, Chakra Cleaning and Healing Methods.

After Level 1 and Level two practice, I completed my Mastership. I feel very happy and satisfied. I never ever dreamed of becoming a Master Practitioner.

Life is full of Surprises, if you want to lead a better life, you need to find a way to get it.


Shiamala Uthaya Kumar