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Outcome of Attending Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Mrs Kanaga

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Reiki and Abundance Therapy

I am Mrs Kanaga from Semenyih. I do catering business and run a Food Stall for breakfast every morning. I enjoy my work.

After attending the workshop :-

My goals are manifesting easily.

I attract money like a magnet.

My mind is full of confidence.

I manage time efficiently.

I live in the present moment.

I am very active energetically.

I accept people easily. People accept me well as I am. I am making new friends.

My mind is full of confidence.

I am very peaceful and happy.

My plants are flourishing, flowering and bear fruits.

In summary, I am very happy about attending the Money Reiki workshop and frequently, I am getting new catering orders. My income is increasing. My meditation technique has improved. I feel good within myself and with self growth. I am waiting to complete my last Level in Money Reiki.

I daily practise Money Reiki without fail. I finish selling my food very early in the morning for breakfast. I have many new customers who order and buy my breakfast. I perceive things positively. I feel rich and joyful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  Universe. My Gratitude ×3.


Mrs Kali Kanaga, Semenyih.