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My Pain Gone

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My Pain Gone
I am Kanaga. I saw an advertisement on Cosmic Healing Services for pain management. I rang for an appointment. I am giving my feedback based on my healing experience and outcome. I went to see Dr Supa for healing of my left shoulder pain and stress. I had this pain for more than one month. Was taking pain killers to relief my pain.

Dr Supa took my history, explained the procedure, counselled me, relaxed me then healing was given to me. My pain went off within 30 minutes. My pain completely disappeared to zero level. Now, it is five days since healing, I am not taking pain killers. I am free from pain. Feel cool and calm. Joyful and happy.

Secondly, my business was very slow. She did ‘Financial blessings’ to increase my abundance energy which was for my highest good based on my karmic balance. She cleaned my auras, chakras and meridians. Energised me. Gave me a money magnet.  Now, my business has improved. I am happy and my appreciation to the divine energy. Thank you,