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“Mother Earth Healing” by Vickneswary Thangavelu

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  • *Universal Mother Earth Healing*

Pranam. Namaste. Vanakam Amma.

The Daily Guided Practice at 9PM for three cycles has helped me a lot in my daily life. It started as a social service to heal mankind and their suffering during CoVid 19 but actually I was healing myself.

This meditation helps me in self development, self awareness, self transformation and most importantly thing is it gives me strength, courage and stamina to perform my work with my daily routine ๐Ÿ™. I feel very relaxed and very calm.ย  ย Below are some of my experiences in my Universal Earth Meditation and Healing.

1. Experience 1

“Scanning before meditation – aura light white colour surrounding me and mother earth
Palms oozing very powerful energy with rainbow colours….
Crown chakra spinning
Ajna very powerful energy rotating with golden light
Visualized Very bright light surrounding the World and Mother

When chanting aum very grounded. Able to control my thoughts and go into Alpha state of mind.
During Silent sitting – happy, calm and peaceful.

Somebody disturb my left ear
Legs feel cold
When heal mother earth, feel very hot
Scan aura of myself when finishing silent sitting – light yellow colour
No any visual. Felt for a moment stillness of mind and my body.

2. Experience Yesterday

“1-drawing symbols on palms and top on crown chakra – very powerful bright light flow through all my chakras and aura
1-aura is light yellow colour covered by white colour
3-ajna is prickling and back of ajna also prickling
4-silence sitting – crown chakra was spinning
5-aura is very bright (light yellow colour)
6-no any visual
7-very peaceful when chanting aum

I made manifestation after end of healing and my wishes came true. I am very happy.

Thank you Amma,

Love and Peace.

From Vickenes, Shah Alam, Malaysia