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Medical Intuitive Energy Healing for Arthritis of Knee

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My mother in law was having knee pain with osteoarthritis, Stage 4. I contacted Dr Supa who is a Intuitive energy healer on 22nd January 2019. From my perspectives and experience in healing process of my mother in law, Intuitive energy healers can heal the physical issue and emotional issues including stress and anxiety, rather than just identify it and offer healing advice.

Nonetheless, Dr Supa can do both. And she healed using intuitive energy healing with laser crystals, an injury my mother in law had for over a few months in just a 5 sessions including both remotely and face to face. My mother in law had reduced pain in a scale to 1. (Scale of 0 to 10). She is comfortable and happy. My mother in law is able to walk better now and her movements and flexibity of her limbs improved so much. Her aura changed from dirty brownish grey with patches of redness to white and light blue.

In addition, all her emotional energy cords were removed and all her chakras were healed. Her last follow up final treatment was on 16th February, 2019.                       She prevented my mother in law from having knee surgery, which meant no incision, no anesthesia, no pain medication and no physical rehabilitation to follow. My family and I are very happy.

Though she adviced my mother in law to have Aura and Chakra hygiene done every three months, to maintain the wellness and health of my mother in law Madam Arthiyee.
Thank you.Mr Siva  (