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Maha Sakti -Chakra Cleaning and Meditation Feedback

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Chakra Cleaning and Meditation Feedback – during Reiki Healing with Prana Shakti from a practising client.

“I was suffering from hormonal problems right from my young age.

I have been taking medical treatment for many years. Then I came to learn energy healing of chakras using Reiki and Siddha Method with Mantra chanting.

I liked and practiced it daily. Within 3 months, I found a lot of changes within me in my health and personality.

Everything became normal again. Even the doctor’s follow up care was very surprising.

Finally, when I attended the nurturing class, I learned how Chakra cleaning and meditation activated the Ajna chakra and the pituitary gland and hence hormonal problems get healed slowly with good outcomes. I was happy to know this information. It took me more than 12 months to be symptom free. I am better able to cope with my life.

Energy healing with Reiki and its symbols with positive intention is the best thing that has happened in my life. Gasshoo. Namaste.” Right Mantra chanting and Sound Therapy helps me with mental chatter and giving vibrations for healing.

Gratitude and Thank you.



16th November 2019

Note: I am a Parkinson Patient. I get some relieve with Reiki together with Life Style Changes and Exercises.