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Mageswari Velappan

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30th September 2018


Greetings. I would love to share my Reiki experience. I lost one of my important exam documents yesterday,

Today,  I felt  depressed, because I am required to submit  examination documents  in a few hours time.  Time was short. I couldn’t find it. And it made me very stressful. I couldn’t sleep properly yesterday night too, thinking where did I misplace it.
I know that the angels are always helping me. So far I made intentions to heal others or to remove negative emotional cords as well as barriers. But today, I had to practise on myself.  I meditated for 5 minutes, made my intentions, and called ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL to help me. Chamuel is a pink colour energy but she  came to me with a beautiful glorifying sparkling  green light and I experienced a totally different kind of energy.

Immediately, I started to search for the document after that meditation with positive intention,  and within 5 minutes, I found the documents with full belief that I will find it. I was looking for the document in the same place, yesterday, for 20 minutes but could not find it.  Now, surprisingly,  I found it. Awesome learning  experience for me.


Thank you Thank you Thank you.

At the same time, I love to give my gratitude and appreciation to my Master who taught me specific skills in finding lost articles in ‘ Deva and Angle Therapy’ and Reiki Level III workshops. Light and Love,                   Madam Mages.                                                ????????????