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My Life Changed                                     Gassho. Namaste.                                              ” Reiki found me when I needed it and it has always given me what I needed,  even when I didn’t know what I needed, especially at that moment. It’s beyond my mind and my ego. I like to think of it as my compass and GPS, leading me back to me, my inner world.  It gave me self-empowerment and made me feel save and secure. Lead me to a virtous life. Connected me to various Gurus to learn spirituality and the truth about myself,  life and living for the moment with joy and blissfulness. Happy and contented with what I have, full of gratitude to my parents and the Divine” The Level 1, 2 and 3 workshop has taught me the skills I needed  for healing and in spirituality. I was connected to my higher soul (8th Chakra) and my soul star (10th Chakra). After Level 3 workshop, my intuition power increased, I started seeing auras of plants, animals and humans. This gave me confidence in my healing. People who critized me are now straight and friendly with me. My work relationships with staff and my friends have improved so much. I do not emotionally react as I used to do before. I am more cool and collected. Reiki meditation and Reiki breathing helped me to be relaxed. My gratitude to the Divine and Master Dr Mikao Usui.                                                            Thank you. Gratitude.