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Healing Relationship with Chakra and Aura cleaning and Meditation with Mudra Therapy Feedback – by a client from Shah Alam

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Chakra and Aura cleaning and Meditation with Mudra Therapy Feedback – by a client from Shah Alam.

I do not want my name mentioned.

My pseudo name is Sujatha.

“My husband is a good person, but never expressed his love in any way. I felt very unloved and not cared for in my marriage and relationship. I feel very totally depressed and dejected. He too was going through a life crisis.

Then, I attended the ‘Breath Work, Chakra Meditation and Mudra therapy for Healing’  Workshop for two days and a Nurturing class for one day with Dr Supa. This was a special workshop where breath work and mudras was used at same time for healing myself.

I started cleansing all my chakras especially my Anahata chakra and healing myself and my husband.
I learned to connect with the Atma and sub conscious mind of my husband.
My heart chakra started to connect with his heart chakra by me making an intention. I learned to communicate with his atma or soul and told him all my feelings. When I connected with him, I felt a small change in energy and good feelings.

Slowly, I could see a change in myself and my husband.

I learned to love myself and appreciate myself and all my power and strengths as a woman. My blockage was removed by Master using a technique called “Healing Attunement” and Deep Aura Cleaning using Violet Flame. Emotional Cords not good for me were removed with the help of Divine Source. I continued saying my Forgiveness Prayers for seven (7) days as advised.

Master taught me to love, look after and appreciate myself. All my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in my mind was transformed to perceive things positively with intention and attention during healing. I learned to communicate, how I feel, in a loving way with no fear and doubts. My lower three chakras started and are functioning well.

My husband now, is very affectionate towards me and our children. Life is so different for us as a family. It feels like a magic. I learned that my inner world reflected my outer self and my actions. I learned that the whole universe exists within me. I learned to be aware of my strengths and concerns. Realization of myself began with awareness.

Thank you so much ‘Reiki/Prana Sakti’ and ‘Universal Life Force Energy’, Master Shirdi Baba, Dr Mikao Usui, Siddhars and the ‘Divine Power’.”

“I am glad that I learned how prana shakti is powerful in healing our relationship issue”.

Thank you Madam.