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Feedback – Attending Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Mrs Lim Anne

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Greetings. I am Mrs Lim.  I attended Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 in 2018. I slowly started seeing things happening in my life with my correct practice of techniques in manifestation and the Universe Law with discipline in daily meditation, to relax myself and for calmness and joy. My anxiety and quick temper has reduced so much. I keep a Spiritual Diary which assisted me in my self transformation.

My obvious experiences in summary till now are as stated below.

“I can fulfill my life goals when I do meditation in a proper way so that I can control my chattering mind to be quite and calm thereby I can achieve what I want in my life. Money Reiki has taught me the right technique in meditation and manifestation.

I have stopped over indulgence in spending money on clothes and jewellery and unnecessary things which have no real benefits. My savings are increasing”

My business clients have increased triple times. I feel joy and peace within me.

My relationship with my clients have improved so much over the days and months. Everyone likes me.

I manifest with the belief that I already have got it. That is the secret and fundamental principle of manifestation taught by my Master in Money Reiki. I am practising abundance therapy with certain key Feng Shui practices which has helped me in my daily life at work and home.”

Thank you Money Reiki and Lord Kubheran.
Thank you Universe.

My gratitude.

Mrs Lim Anne