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Dr Ng Soon Poh – My Gratitude. Grandmaster Level Money Reiki

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Namaste. Gasshoo.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in money reiki.I have followed 11 teachers for different courses ,but I found  that Dr Supa is a very good teacher  .Most of the teachers just teach the content  of  the textbook and never care  about  the chakra ,energy or consciousness of student before  and  after class.

But Dr Supa will analyse the student’s chakra ,energy and consciousness, telling  student  how to solve the problems they are facing and how to move forward in a positive encouraging way. These are not  in the contents of the manuals nor textbooks.

Moreover, the fees is not expensive, a lot of course in outside is very expensive  and  the student  are facing a lot of difficulties in their  life. A lot of practical exercises with supervision are given. No one telling them that their energy, chakra  actually need to be cleaned and healed. Dr Supa cleanses and heals the students before giving attunement. Students feel calm and peaceful with no reactions to attunement.

I also cried  during the course this time , becoz Dr Supa saying “I can reach higher level  and  can consider to teach”. None of my  other  Master Teacher telling me that and motivating mecwith encouragement. I am very grateful to Master Baba  for guiding me to meet Dr Supa.I hope I can contd. learning  from  Dr Supa in the future .

My Gratitude.  Namaste