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Dr Ng Soon Poh – My Energy Level is High

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Greetings. I am Dr Ng. I attended Money Reiki Class Level 1 & 2 with Cosmic Touch Service.

“….After learning Money Reiki, I noted  my energy, frequency  level  is higher than compared to my previously level before attending this workshop. My friend noticed a change in me.  She noticed a difference in my energy level and vibes. I am totally different  from the time she saw me in September, 2019. Money Reiki Level 1 and 2 had an impact on me.

My job salary has increased and  working  slots for clinics are are booked and increasing in days and hours. I was offered a job in a few clinics. I chose to work in a clinic and got employed. I made many new friends and went out for meals. I am accepted by my working peers.”

Thank you Money Reiki and Thanks to Dr Supa

Write up from Dr Ng.