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Chakra Cleaning and Meditation using Cosmic Energy Healing by Sheila Nair

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Chakra Cleaning and Meditation using energy healing as taught by Dr Supa_ Feedback from Sheela Nair, Penang

“I was in total depression after my husband passed away. I am young with two daughters and had to go work and support my family. I felt alone and in fear of how I am going to survive. All was done for me by my husband.

When I learned Chakra Cleaning, Healing and Meditation together with Breath Work, I understood how to energize my chakras and aid in flow of energy in my meridians. Daily practice have given me good results.

The activation of all my chakras during attunement or deeksha helped me to heal faster. I could feel my palm, sole of feet and my sacral chakras spinning and healing me. The attunement helped me to heal by removing stagnant energy as I understood.

Once I started meditating, cleansing and healing my chakras, I slowly started coming out of my depression. I felt clean and pure. My guilt and helplessness disappeared.

Now, I am happy with my children and enjoying my job and my life. I am peaceful with my self. I am better able to cope with my life. I started socializing. I learned to be independent and to drive.

My gratitude to the Universal Cosmic Energy and to my Gods and Goddess. I am very thankful for receiving this knowledge and skills. I realized that I am powerful and I am part of the Universe.”

Thank you.

Mrs Sheila Nair, Penang.