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Amazing results and relieve from my pain.   

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I would like to share my Reiki experience with you.  I discovered that my pain could be reduced by ‘Healing Energy’ Through The Palm of   Hands… healing and relieving symptoms of my back pain and sciatic pain  ‘Just By Touching ‘ my back and certain parts of my body…  I was even healed distantly when there were days when I was not able to travel to the Reiki Clinic. Now I learned to use my Natural Ability; To “Channel”  Life-force Energy or cosmic energy, heal my Family, Friends (and myself)… And Attain The Skills Of A  Reiki Master Healer…

Hello.  My name is Mr Loganathan  G. I am a Human Resource Manager. If you’ve ever dream of becoming a skilled healer with the ability to heal yourself and others… (with just a touch of your hands)… This Cosmic Touch Service is for you.

When I first heard about Reiki, I had excruciating pain in my lower back radiating to my left leg. I was taking so many pain killers and visiting the “Tukang Urut”. I was desperate. I went to the “Bomoh’s” and varies traditional healers.

A friend told me to meet with this lady “Reiki  Healer”.  I rolled up my eyes thinking, “Oh dear, here we go again. Another person trying to make money, dead-end again,  I’ll have to pay for with high price in money which I don’t have. When I got there, it was just a middle aged lady and a comfortable couch to lie down, in a small room with a fan, lighted candles and nice lavender scent. A soft music was playing in the background.

She motioned for me to lie down. Requested me to breath gently and comfortably and instructed me to relax physically and mentally. She swept her hands across my body from head to toe, many times, in my front side and back of my body.

Then… something happened. I felt this warmth right where my back pain was. Then, I felt a vibration, like a current like feeling running thru my back and legs. I felt good.

Then, ALL my tension, anxiety, and stress slowly resolved from my left body and mind felt relaxed and blank. My pain was slowly reducing.

When I got up, I felt relief. The pain was gone. Totally gone after 20 minutes of the non touch hand healing from the hands of the healer. She cleansed my aura, healed my chakras and my affected area. She requested me to come for another three sessions with her.

How could she take away all that pain like that, when I had tried so many other things? Maybe, I was meant to get relieve from her healing.

After that “Life Changing Healing Experience”, I desired to learn all about Reiki…
I quickly signed up for my own training in Usui Reiki course with her.

But after attaining the first level and second level Reiki class, I discovered l DIDN’T have the necessary knowledge,  skills, energy and abilities, I was supposed to have. My trainer told me that  I needed to complete the NEXT Master Level 3 to fully attain those complete healing skills and energy.  I achieved the healing skills and energy. I also signed up with her on “Angel Therapy” and “Crystal Therapy “workshops which completed my knowledge and skills in healing. I received a training manual and a certificate from her. She also taught me how to start a Reiki Business at home.

And my life instantly changed in body, mind and spirit.  I changed a lot in my personality and behavior towards life with Reiki Breathing, Reiki Meditation and Self-healing. My life style changed too.

In a short duration after this discovery learning and practice with Reiki… I finally started getting the results I always wanted to, with Reiki or Cosmic energy.

Just like Dr Supa who HEALED me… I was consistently alleviating pain, suffering, illness and even depression with my circle of friends, family members and working peers. I was liked by  others. My relationship with people improved.

I saw a dramatic improvement in my self development, own health and well-being. Where I as constantly feeling tension, aches and pains, depression before, I was now pain free, calm and focused, and rarely got tired. I was energetic, felt confident and strong.

At any time, I was able to perform healings on myself and my family, clients and friends— at my own will.

Anxiety… skin problems… arthritis… depression… anxiety…gastric pain ….and back pain, inability to concentrate,  to name a few…… were vanishing in as little as within one to five sessions of healing.  I learned that REIKI is an alternative therapy which complements together with Western Medicine and Ayurvedic therapy.

My confidence has risen high and…I have good self esteem.  I became absolutely fearless when helping people, friends, and family members… co workers, as if I had some magical powers.  My instinct and intuition is good. I can see auras of certain client’s with high energy through practice in healing and attending nurturing classes with Dr Supa.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my experience and feedback to Cosmic Touch Service.