Money Reiki

M oney is a type of cosmic energy for survival. Money and abundance Reiki is not about becoming rich or winning lotteries. Money Reiki is energy healing to remove abundance and financial blockages. The cosmos or universe is ever ready to provide us with our abundance in health, wealth and prosperity, happiness, joy, peace, calmness and so on in our life’s journey. Blockages in our negative thought forms and mind blockages do not allow us to receive the flow of abundance from the universe. Universe and the divine angels are always awaiting to shower us with abundance. Money Reiki was first channeled by Stephanie Brail.

This workshop teaches you to resolve the abundance blockages and makes you open to receive abundance energy. Money Reiki helps in removing karmic blockages which are related to issues in money, job, business, abundance, health and finding solutions, associated with your ability to earn and manage money energy effectively based on your highest good and for the highest goodness of your family, who are dependent on you. Correct technique of making positive affirmations, using special symbols, increasing your positive thinking power, making cosmic manifestation energy box, financial blessings, money magnets and crystal grids for abundance are taught in this course.
Pre-requisite is Reiki Level 1 and 2. Those who have no Reiki experience can call up for more information about this course.


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