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Cosmic Touch Services and its Bio-Energy holistic healing center for health and wellness, was developed by Dr S. G. Katherason in 2017. It is a registered company. It aims in providing natural alternate method of healing, training and coaching to healers in Usui Reiki Ryoho and Natural healing methods including Colour therapy, Mudras, Reiki breathing techniques, Sound meditation, Music therapy and Traditional Indian methods, Aura scanning and Chakra cleaning & healing. Training on Stress management and relaxations (cosmic energy) are also conducted by Cosmic Touch Services using various energy healing modalities.

Dr S.G. Katherason has studied natural healing skills in London, Australia and India including locally in Malaysia. Her teachers includes Australian experts in Japanese techniques and Indian gurus/saints from India. She started learning and practising her energy healing skills since 1978.

Dr S.G. Katherason is a Reiki Trainer/Healer with Reiki Mastership in different types of Reiki System (Traditional Usui; Western; Karuna Reiki and Third Eye Reiki); Master/Trainer in Money Reiki and Financial energy management; Magnified Healing; Angel Reiki; Angel Cellular Healing; Angels and Deva Therapy as well as Oracle card reading; Crystal Therapy and Akashic Records and Tarrot Card Reading. She is registered with International Association of Reiki Professions; Member of International Magnified Healing; Registered practitioner of American Karuna Reiki Association as well as a member of Siddha Ayurvedic Medicine in India. She is also trained in Pranic healing. Various experiences has assisted her in running different modalities of Reiki workshops and natural energy healing classes as well as healing clients (face to face and distance healing). Self-development, self awareness; self -change therapy, emotional management, spirituality and good virtuous as been co-operated into the healing workshops.

She practices and teaches the Five Pillars as taught by Dr Mikao Usui via thru Grandmaster William Lee Rand and Master Jeremy that is attunement; meditation, precepts; hands on healing; symbols and mantras in her Reiki workshops. She gives online teaching and guidance for 21 days after the face to face Reiki workshops. In addition, she conducts two nurturing sessions within the 21 days post attunement. Occasional spiritual retreats and nurturing classes are organized for her students and light workers. Efforts are made to improve all aspects of student’s Reiki practice after the course. In addition, guidance and counselling are provided.

Angel Therapy and Oracle Card Reading, Crystal Healing Therapy (until Mastership Level) and Money and Abundance Reiki (from Basic to Master level) are also in demand and taught by her. Karuna Reiki students who have completed Level 2, seek her for their Mastership course. Participants from various occupations attend her workshops which include nurses, teachers, business personal, bank officers, house wives, IT professionals, lecturers, university students and so. Majority of her participants learn Reiki to heal their family members with terminal illness or chronic condition; depression; for stress and anxiety management as well as self development. University students attend Reiki class to improve focus, concentration, memory power and vitality.

Most post operative and post chemotherapy clients attend Reiki treatment for speedy recovery from medical treatment and operations. Reiki does aid in recovery from trauma of body, mind and emotions. A few clients have found relief in chronic pain, headaches, insomnia and other conditions through Reiki Treatment. All clients are advised to seek medical treatment from a qualified medical practitioner for their conditions. Reiki is an alternative supportive treatment to Western Medicine.

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You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or nurse in the case of serious illness. While all suggested treatments are offered in good faith, the Practitioner cannot accept responsibility for any serious illness arising out of the failure by the reader or individual student from seeking medical advice from a qualified doctor or family medical practitioner.

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Dr S. G. Katherason
(Ph.D -Nosocomial Infection, USM, Malaysia; Master of Hlth Sc Ed., Uni of Sydney)
Registered REIKI Professional, Member of International Association of REIKI Professionals. ID 38989877;
Registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, The International Center for Reiki Training.
Registered Master Teacher/Practitioner for Magnified Healing Phase 1.

Director, Cosmic Touch Healing Services, Malaysia.

Free Lance Associate Corporate Trainer, Splenden Vita Sdn Bhd. Selangor;

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