Importance of Healing Earth

Welcome to the magical effect of healing the earth (tithing) and thanking the sun for its unconditional light to the earth every second of the day. I have practiced healing the earth for the past few years as well as worshiping the Sun and thanking the Sun as for its unconditional love in giving us its energy or prana for keep us well and in good health on earth. Looking after our earth is important for our well being. Healing the earth or energy tithing with unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, non-violence, good virtuous, health, wealth and abundance with positive affirmations and thought forms is a way of showing our gratitude to mother earth or Bumi and the Sun planet as well as the universe for providing us what we need.


This practice has opened many doors within my clients and me. It helped my clients and me to heal ourselves, learn compassion and get connected to the earth energy and the heart chakra. We realised the powerful spiritual energy, which we received from mother earth while blessing it. We are part of the earth element. Our positive energy is made up of earth energy and cosmic energy. We show our gratitude to many of the blessings mother earth has given us. Traditionally in Hinduism or other religions we were taught to contribute or donate a certain percentage our income to charity, orphanages or spiritual centers. The idea was born with the concept that by giving out money or feeding the poor, or helping the poor and needy including all live beings on earth, and our earth, we will be opening up a flow of abundance into our our life in whatever form. For those you could not financially contribute, you can contribute and show your appreciation by practicing energy tilting. All you need is your time and learn the right technique in blessing the earth and exchanging energy with or without expectations of the outcome. I learned from my Masters to tithe energetically with all my heart and soul with awareness on my hara, sending out my love to mother earth and to the Sun, moon, planets and the universe. We felt relaxed and healed. We felt good. There was self awareness and growth within us.

During this process, I also learned that we can be a recipient of earth energy as a form of self healing technique where I was connected to mother earth’s powerful energy which activated my inherent positive energy inside me, to heal my physical conditions and felt grounded. My relationship with humans and animals like dogs and cat improved. The main advantage of healing the earth and healing with earth energy is to tackle illness, relieve pain, improve circulation in the body as well as receive abundance. Promotes harmony and balance with earth energetic grid system.  When our body lacks earth energy, we become lethargic, feel unwell, create a feeling of fantasy with negative thought forms in our mind or feel ineffective in our physical world becoming moody and depressed. Two psychological concerns that arises when there is disturbances in positive balance of earth energy and cosmic energy are stress and anxiety including anger. Thus, when earth and cosmic energy flows into our body we have a sense of well being and vitality. The technique of healing the earth, is taught in most healing courses provided by Cosmic Touch Service.

“When you get angry with someone and you are about to do or say something unpleasant, touches your heart, bless the person and quietly say: May the blessings of God and peace be with you and me.” by Master Choa Kok Sui

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