Crystal Therapy & Crystal Grid

The pathway of wellness journey is enhanced with healing power of crystals. Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique. Crystals are natural stone created by minerals deep inside the earth. Each crystal has its own unique healing power with the ability of amplifying, focusing, directing, absorbing, diffusing, and transmitting different levels of healing cosmic energy. Crystal do emit tiny electrical impulses which activates neurons and nervous system. Crystals are beautiful, powerful, and after cleansed and programmed, have appeared to have given many benefits to the clients. Crystals have been used for beauty, healing as well as spirituality. Cosmic energy healers, shamans and Hindu priests have used crystals for their unique and special properties since ancient times. Thus, it is believed to vibrate at the same pitch as humans in such a way that the resonance between the colourful crystal stones and human combats the vibrations of illness and amplifies positive health rays. Crystals are believed to be good conductors of energy.

In healing, using universal life force, crystals especially white quartz help to amplify and balance the energy in the person and room. Thus, assisting in channelling the universal life force energy. The function of the crystals is to transform and amplify and balance the biological energy at the cellular level as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Join our crystal therapy programs to understand the power of crystals, to learn the unique properties and functions of each type of stones and the modalities of crystal therapy, crystal cleansing and programming developing crystal grids for abundance, healing stress and anger as well as other manifestations. , Basic Crystal therapy course is run for two days. In addition, you will learn the classification of crystals based on functions, colours (chakras) or unique healing properties, mineral contents or according to aids in physiological functions of the body. Crystals are also used in Reiki Healing, in Angel therapy and in energizing Chakras. Dowsing will also be included in this workshop.

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