Cosmic Energy Healing Clinics" are run from Monday till Friday, 10.00AM till 17.00 hours by appointment in Cheras.

Cosmic Healing Services

Cosmic energy healing (Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki; Magnified Healing) are powerful for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns and often shows positive relieve and good results. It has resulted in deep relaxation and have helped to release stress and tension in many of my clients. It stimulates and accelerates the inherent body’s self healing capabilities, thus providing healing of the body. soul and mind. Majority of clients have a very good sleep after healing therapy. Reiki have also given relieve in reducing side effects of long term drugs’ therapy and chemotherapy in certain clients.

I welcome you to take a look through my alternative methods of healing services and familiarize yourself with what I can offer you. I work with clients on where they are right now using cosmic energy and divine intelligence clearing your energy blocks and healing your imbalances. Certain clients have verbalized that they experienced self growth and development through self awareness.

Main goal is to promote comfort as well as well being and alleviate suffering. There is minimum charge for energy exchange based on the type of conditions or health concerns of mind, body and soul including consultation time. I provide both face to face and distance healing by appointment only. Book your appointment and work together with me for wellness of mind, body and soul. I am also trained Siddha Ayurvedic person and will refer you to Ayurvedic specialist doctor if there is a need for a mix of complementary therapy.

For distance healing, you are required to provide a current photo with a detail description of your concerns, name, location and date of birth. A pre and post aura reading is done for healing and you will be healed accordingly. A history of yourself will be taken. Privacy is provided for all personal information.

Type of Services Provided

  1. Aura cleaning and chakra healing is provided for health and wellness which many clients do it every three months to have healthy aura rays. Energy blockages can be cleared. Balances the energies, chakras and aura of the body.
  2. Reiki Healing for all types of unwellness to complement medical therapy including treatment of clients in hospice and terminal illness for comfort. Healing Post chemotherapy clients.
  3. Financial healing
  4. Angel Therapy and Oracle Card Reading to clear negative thought forms and find a right direction in life journey.
  5. Lymphatic drainage using cosmic energy healing.
  6. Karuna Reiki healing to release aches, pains and stress or emotional traumas
  7. Space Healing
  8. Emotional healing: reducing anxiety and depression
  9. Insomnia: Promotes good night sleep (three treatment required)
  10. Usui Reiki for General well being
  11. Consultation and referral to specialized healers for certain conditions and Ayurvedic Physicians if necessary.
  12. Wound management
  13. Post surgical patients to speed up healing and general well being.

For fees details and details of healing techniques, WhatsApp me, leave a message or send a email to discuss your concerns and healing technique. I will call you back. All payments are made to Cosmic Touch Service Account.

Cosmic Healing Touch Service

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