Angels & Deva Therapy

A ngels therapy is a powerful alternative method of healing the mind, body and soul with connection to the divine light and energy.

Angel therapy is a powerful spiritual healing technique that involves working with Divine Light Energies of Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters as well as Devas. Angels are messengers of Gods. We do have our own guardian angels to guide us and help us since birth. An individual who is attuned and connected to the angels receives clear divine guidance in healing and resolves blockages in finances, relationships, health (including emotional blockages) and tapping into life’s purpose in this birth. Working with Angels and Devas help us to develop our Divine wisdom, Divine knowledge, Divine power, Divine strength as well as strengthen our understanding of our own self by connecting to our inner light.

This powerful and divine workshop is for those who would like to connect with the angels, experience their own individual angels and learn how to give angelic readings to others using oracle cards. You will be taught to clear any negative blocks that interfere in the ability to see, hear, feel or know your angels. You will be given the opportunity to get connected to your guardian angel in this course. Different ways to communicate with Angels, Ascended masters and Devas will give you confidence and courage in your inherent talents in healing.

In addition, Angel Therapy (Theory & Practice) consists of Basic Angel Therapy (two days), Advance Angel Therapy (two days) as well as Angel Rituals (two days). Furthermore, other modalities of Angel Therapy includes Angel Reiki (two days) and Angelic Cellular Healing (two days). The participants will be taught how to improve physical, mental and emotional health with chakra healing and balancing using the angelic energy.

The topics included in the two days Angelic basic workshop are Angel therapy for illness, healing others with angels, angelic messages about life style activities; releasing addictions; obsessions and destructive mental habits, healing of the mind,body and soul. In addition, other topics discussed are angel numbers, energy ball making, pendulum dowzing with angelic healing, halo colours of angels, introduction to angels, archangels and devas and their functions, connection with angels, channels of divine connections and angel meditation and oracle card reading. Different prayers for main archangels will be practiced in the workshop.

The two days basic and advance workshop includes study manual, certificates, attunement, and light refreshments. In conclusion, angels give us an insight to abundance that the universe holds for us.

P/S: Please contact Cosmic Touch Service for further details on syllabus for other modalities of Angel Therapy.

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