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Remote Healing of Jansirani.

I first came to hear about this healing from Dr Supa during a personal conversation about my sister in law and her sufferring.

My sister in law was suffering from  pain of her whole body and joints with fever for a long time over a few years. She was on medication from the hospital.  She visited many drs to no avail. All medications given did not help her.  She was anaemic too. Dr diagnosed her as Rheumatoid arthritis. She required supportative therapy with western medication and treatment. I approached Dr Supa for advice. On assessment of Madam Jansirani, her aura was found  to be thin and dirty blackish greyish and not healthy. Her back heart chakra and solar plexes  was partially blocked. Remote healing was done daily from 20th January 2019. After a few sessions of distance medical intuitive healing, my sister in law felt the pain reduced, her anxiety and depression decreased. She started mobilizing, smiling and showing interest in her personal appearance. She was  able to be her own self again. I was told cellular and emotional healing was done and karmic blockages were removed. Dr Supa did the final face to face healing with laser crystal and intuitive energy healing on 17th February and evaluated her. I was informed that in intuitive suto pilot healing, clients cannot instruct healer how to heal. The healing occurs naturally with spiritual guidance and clairvoyance.

My sister in law was discharged from healing and was adviced to inform her immediately, if she was having early symtoms of pain or fever.  Madam Jansirani  is so much better, relaxed, peaceful within herself and able to smile again and actually walk. Her  movement as well as flexibility of joints improved alot and she was able to travel from Sitiawan to KL to visit Dr Supa for her treatment. I am amazed what positive Reiki energy, positive  thought forms,  can do to us and how it can help heal a person. My family and I m very grateful and thankful to Dr Supa for all her help and spiritual wisdom. She was very focused and passionate in getting my sister- in- law well.  Thank you, ????

Remote Healing of Jansirani by Hehmalatha

My mother in law was having knee pain with osteoarthritis, Stage 4. I contacted Dr Supa who is a Intuitive energy healer on 22nd January 2019. From my perspectives and experience in healing process of my mother in law, Intuitive energy healers can heal the physical issue and emotional issues including stress and anxiety, rather than just identify it and offer healing advice.

Nonetheless, Dr Supa can do both. And she healed using intuitive energy healing with laser crystals, an injury my mother in law had for over a few months in just a 5 sessions including both remotely and face to face. My mother in law had reduced pain in a scale to 1. (Scale of 0 to 10). She is comfortable and happy. My mother in law is able to walk better now and her movements and flexibity of her limbs improved so much. Her aura changed from dirty brownish grey with patches of redness to white and light blue.

In addition, all her emotional energy cords were removed and all her chakras were healed. Her last follow up final treatment was on 16th February, 2019.                       She prevented my mother in law from having knee surgery, which meant no incision, no anesthesia, no pain medication and no physical rehabilitation to follow. My family and I are very happy.

Though she adviced my mother in law to have Aura and Chakra hygiene done every three months, to maintain the wellness and health of my mother in law Madam Arthiyee.
Thank you.Mr Siva  (

Medical Intuitive Energy Healing for Arthritis of Knee

My Pain Gone
I am Kanaga. I saw an advertisement on Cosmic Healing Services for pain management. I rang for an appointment. I am giving my feedback based on my healing experience and outcome. I went to see Dr Supa for healing of my left shoulder pain and stress. I had this pain for more than one month. Was taking pain killers to relief my pain.

Dr Supa took my history, explained the procedure, counselled me, relaxed me then healing was given to me. My pain went off within 30 minutes. My pain completely disappeared to zero level. Now, it is five days since healing, I am not taking pain killers. I am free from pain. Feel cool and calm. Joyful and happy.

Secondly, my business was very slow. She did ‘Financial blessings’ to increase my abundance energy which was for my highest good based on my karmic balance. She cleaned my auras, chakras and meridians. Energised me. Gave me a money magnet.  Now, my business has improved. I am happy and my appreciation to the divine energy. Thank you,

My Pain Gone

My Life Changed                                     Gassho. Namaste.                                              ” Reiki found me when I needed it and it has always given me what I needed,  even when I didn’t know what I needed, especially at that moment. It’s beyond my mind and my ego. I like to think of it as my compass and GPS, leading me back to me, my inner world.  It gave me self-empowerment and made me feel save and secure. Lead me to a virtous life. Connected me to various Gurus to learn spirituality and the truth about myself,  life and living for the moment with joy and blissfulness. Happy and contented with what I have, full of gratitude to my parents and the Divine” The Level 1, 2 and 3 workshop has taught me the skills I needed  for healing and in spirituality. I was connected to my higher soul (8th Chakra) and my soul star (10th Chakra). After Level 3 workshop, my intuition power increased, I started seeing auras of plants, animals and humans. This gave me confidence in my healing. People who critized me are now straight and friendly with me. My work relationships with staff and my friends have improved so much. I do not emotionally react as I used to do before. I am more cool and collected. Reiki meditation and Reiki breathing helped me to be relaxed. My gratitude to the Divine and Master Dr Mikao Usui.                                                            Thank you. Gratitude.