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Chakra Cleaning and Meditation using energy healing as taught by Dr Supa_ Feedback from Sheela Nair, Penang

“I was in total depression after my husband passed away. I am young with two daughters and had to go work and support my family. I felt alone and in fear of how I am going to survive. All was done for me by my husband.

When I learned Chakra Cleaning, Healing and Meditation together with Breath Work, I understood how to energize my chakras and aid in flow of energy in my meridians. Daily practice have given me good results.

The activation of all my chakras during attunement or deeksha helped me to heal faster. I could feel my palm, sole of feet and my sacral chakras spinning and healing me. The attunement helped me to heal by removing stagnant energy as I understood.

Once I started meditating, cleansing and healing my chakras, I slowly started coming out of my depression. I felt clean and pure. My guilt and helplessness disappeared.

Now, I am happy with my children and enjoying my job and my life. I am peaceful with my self. I am better able to cope with my life. I started socializing. I learned to be independent and to drive.

My gratitude to the Universal Cosmic Energy and to my Gods and Goddess. I am very thankful for receiving this knowledge and skills. I realized that I am powerful and I am part of the Universe.”

Thank you.

Mrs Sheila Nair, Penang.



Chakra Cleaning and Meditation using Cosmic Energy Healing by Sheila Nair

Reiki and Abundance Therapy

I am Mrs Kanaga from Semenyih. I do catering business and run a Food Stall for breakfast every morning. I enjoy my work.

After attending the workshop :-

My goals are manifesting easily.

I attract money like a magnet.

My mind is full of confidence.

I manage time efficiently.

I live in the present moment.

I am very active energetically.

I accept people easily. People accept me well as I am. I am making new friends.

My mind is full of confidence.

I am very peaceful and happy.

My plants are flourishing, flowering and bear fruits.

In summary, I am very happy about attending the Money Reiki workshop and frequently, I am getting new catering orders. My income is increasing. My meditation technique has improved. I feel good within myself and with self growth. I am waiting to complete my last Level in Money Reiki.

I daily practise Money Reiki without fail. I finish selling my food very early in the morning for breakfast. I have many new customers who order and buy my breakfast. I perceive things positively. I feel rich and joyful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  Universe. My Gratitude ×3.


Mrs Kali Kanaga, Semenyih.

Outcome of Attending Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Mrs Kanaga

Greetings. I am Mrs Lim.  I attended Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 in 2018. I slowly started seeing things happening in my life with my correct practice of techniques in manifestation and the Universe Law with discipline in daily meditation, to relax myself and for calmness and joy. My anxiety and quick temper has reduced so much. I keep a Spiritual Diary which assisted me in my self transformation.

My obvious experiences in summary till now are as stated below.

“I can fulfill my life goals when I do meditation in a proper way so that I can control my chattering mind to be quite and calm thereby I can achieve what I want in my life. Money Reiki has taught me the right technique in meditation and manifestation.

I have stopped over indulgence in spending money on clothes and jewellery and unnecessary things which have no real benefits. My savings are increasing”

My business clients have increased triple times. I feel joy and peace within me.

My relationship with my clients have improved so much over the days and months. Everyone likes me.

I manifest with the belief that I already have got it. That is the secret and fundamental principle of manifestation taught by my Master in Money Reiki. I am practising abundance therapy with certain key Feng Shui practices which has helped me in my daily life at work and home.”

Thank you Money Reiki and Lord Kubheran.
Thank you Universe.

My gratitude.

Mrs Lim Anne

Feedback – Attending Money Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Mrs Lim Anne

Outcome using Pranayama and Chakra meditation for healing my thyroid by Subhashini, Setiawan.

“I was getting tired and feeling no energy at the end of the day. Very irritable and react to everyone at home and work.  GP did a health check up and said my thyroid was not functioning and need to go on thyroid hormone. I do not like swallowing medicine daily.

Another Dr told me that the source of my thyroid issue must be investigated and treated first. He interviewed me on my life style, food intake and assessed my mental health.

I recently had few crisis in my family. The emotional turmoil could have triggered my thyroid not working well. I get irritated easily and have quick outburst.

I decided to try alternative healing methods. I was introduced to Dr Supa by a friend in March, 2019. I attended her healing session followed by the healing workshop.

I was taught Reiki Cleansing or Detox Breath work and breathing through my chakras using Prana Sakti. She taught me chakra meditation too, to heal my throat chakra. She adviced me to take certain foods as if like medicine together with Mudra Therapy for healing my throat chakra and my thyroid.

I started feeling energetic and strong.

I did another laboratory test 6 months later and was told my thyroid level were normal.

The source of my thyroid problem was healed. I am contd with my self healing and chakra meditation to balance all my prana vayu.

I am happy that I do not need to take medication. Thank you.”



Subhashini Ms – Healing my Anger and Irritation


Chakra and Aura cleaning and Meditation with Mudra Therapy Feedback – by a client from Shah Alam.

I do not want my name mentioned.

My pseudo name is Sujatha.

“My husband is a good person, but never expressed his love in any way. I felt very unloved and not cared for in my marriage and relationship. I feel very totally depressed and dejected. He too was going through a life crisis.

Then, I attended the ‘Breath Work, Chakra Meditation and Mudra therapy for Healing’  Workshop for two days and a Nurturing class for one day with Dr Supa. This was a special workshop where breath work and mudras was used at same time for healing myself.

I started cleansing all my chakras especially my Anahata chakra and healing myself and my husband.
I learned to connect with the Atma and sub conscious mind of my husband.
My heart chakra started to connect with his heart chakra by me making an intention. I learned to communicate with his atma or soul and told him all my feelings. When I connected with him, I felt a small change in energy and good feelings.

Slowly, I could see a change in myself and my husband.

I learned to love myself and appreciate myself and all my power and strengths as a woman. My blockage was removed by Master using a technique called “Healing Attunement” and Deep Aura Cleaning using Violet Flame. Emotional Cords not good for me were removed with the help of Divine Source. I continued saying my Forgiveness Prayers for seven (7) days as advised.

Master taught me to love, look after and appreciate myself. All my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in my mind was transformed to perceive things positively with intention and attention during healing. I learned to communicate, how I feel, in a loving way with no fear and doubts. My lower three chakras started and are functioning well.

My husband now, is very affectionate towards me and our children. Life is so different for us as a family. It feels like a magic. I learned that my inner world reflected my outer self and my actions. I learned that the whole universe exists within me. I learned to be aware of my strengths and concerns. Realization of myself began with awareness.

Thank you so much ‘Reiki/Prana Sakti’ and ‘Universal Life Force Energy’, Master Shirdi Baba, Dr Mikao Usui, Siddhars and the ‘Divine Power’.”

“I am glad that I learned how prana shakti is powerful in healing our relationship issue”.

Thank you Madam.

Healing Relationship with Chakra and Aura cleaning and Meditation with Mudra Therapy Feedback – by a client from Shah Alam