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Namaste. Gasshoo.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in money reiki.I have followed 11 teachers for different courses ,but I found  that Dr Supa is a very good teacher  .Most of the teachers just teach the content  of  the textbook and never care  about  the chakra ,energy or consciousness of student before  and  after class.

But Dr Supa will analyse the student’s chakra ,energy and consciousness, telling  student  how to solve the problems they are facing and how to move forward in a positive encouraging way. These are not  in the contents of the manuals nor textbooks.

Moreover, the fees is not expensive, a lot of course in outside is very expensive  and  the student  are facing a lot of difficulties in their  life. A lot of practical exercises with supervision are given. No one telling them that their energy, chakra  actually need to be cleaned and healed. Dr Supa cleanses and heals the students before giving attunement. Students feel calm and peaceful with no reactions to attunement.

I also cried  during the course this time , becoz Dr Supa saying “I can reach higher level  and  can consider to teach”. None of my  other  Master Teacher telling me that and motivating mecwith encouragement. I am very grateful to Master Baba  for guiding me to meet Dr Supa.I hope I can contd. learning  from  Dr Supa in the future .

My Gratitude.  Namaste


Dr Ng Soon Poh – My Gratitude. Grandmaster Level Money Reiki

Pranam, Gasshoo, Namaste  and Love,

First of all before proceeding, I would like to Thank You to Dr. Supa for her valuable lesson and guidance throughout the Reiki session as well as with nurturing classes.

I have gained so many experiences and also learnt Reiki skills from this journey. I was doing meditation for quiet sometime and I am also looking for someone who can lead me through the next level of Spiritualism.

I have just lost my loving brother this year and I was in sorrow as I could not focus in anything and kept thinking about him every day. I am also feel very tired and sick and no energy as always.

I was introduced by Madam Meena to Dr. Supa for this Reiki Healing Workshop. I would say that I am so lucky as I have found Dr. Supa who guided me through this Reiki Healing Workshop, create awareness and clear lots of things which I always pondering in my mind.

I have attended her class and I have learnt about Reiki Healing History, Techniques, Attunements, Reiki Symbols, Proper way of meditation, sound Therapy, Energy, Vibration, Mantras and many more.

All these was a turning point into my life which brings lots of improvement and changes in my personal life, relationship, at working place and it has created a lots of personal realization to me on how to lead a better life. My worries, sorrow was gone too.

I have started to do meditation every day, cleansing, healing my chakras, healing myself and helping others who are also having troubles. I feel very happy, gratitude to the Divine Source, and thankful to Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Supa, all the angels, Masters, God and Goddess, Siddhas, Yogis and Yoginis and Cosmic energies/Universal Life Force Energy which made me realize who I am through and my personal journey through Earth with this powerful Reiki Healing Methods and Meditation Techniques, Chakra Cleaning and Healing Methods.

After Level 1 and Level two practice, I completed my Mastership. I feel very happy and satisfied. I never ever dreamed of becoming a Master Practitioner.

Life is full of Surprises, if you want to lead a better life, you need to find a way to get it.


Shiamala Uthaya Kumar



Greetings. I am Dr Ng. I attended Money Reiki Class Level 1 & 2 with Cosmic Touch Service.

“….After learning Money Reiki, I noted  my energy, frequency  level  is higher than compared to my previously level before attending this workshop. My friend noticed a change in me.  She noticed a difference in my energy level and vibes. I am totally different  from the time she saw me in September, 2019. Money Reiki Level 1 and 2 had an impact on me.

My job salary has increased and  working  slots for clinics are are booked and increasing in days and hours. I was offered a job in a few clinics. I chose to work in a clinic and got employed. I made many new friends and went out for meals. I am accepted by my working peers.”

Thank you Money Reiki and Thanks to Dr Supa

Write up from Dr Ng.

Dr Ng Soon Poh – My Energy Level is High


Chakra Cleaning and Meditation Feedback – during Reiki Healing with Prana Shakti from a practising client.

“I was suffering from hormonal problems right from my young age.

I have been taking medical treatment for many years. Then I came to learn energy healing of chakras using Reiki and Siddha Method with Mantra chanting.

I liked and practiced it daily. Within 3 months, I found a lot of changes within me in my health and personality.

Everything became normal again. Even the doctor’s follow up care was very surprising.

Finally, when I attended the nurturing class, I learned how Chakra cleaning and meditation activated the Ajna chakra and the pituitary gland and hence hormonal problems get healed slowly with good outcomes. I was happy to know this information. It took me more than 12 months to be symptom free. I am better able to cope with my life.

Energy healing with Reiki and its symbols with positive intention is the best thing that has happened in my life. Gasshoo. Namaste.” Right Mantra chanting and Sound Therapy helps me with mental chatter and giving vibrations for healing.

Gratitude and Thank you.



16th November 2019

Note: I am a Parkinson Patient. I get some relieve with Reiki together with Life Style Changes and Exercises.

Maha Sakti -Chakra Cleaning and Meditation Feedback
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