Akashic Records

Akashic records reading is the human way of understanding human events, human thought informations (words, emotions, intent), and life events that has occurred in the past, present and future. Akashic record aids you to tap into your book of your souls journey and receive your souls guidance.

It is believed that your soul information is to be stored as a collective consciousness in a vibrational form or energy form. It is encoded in a non-physical plane called the etheric plane. Thus, it is believed that each soul has its own energetic record and are stored in the akashic field. During the course, you learn to step into this energetic vibration and waves to translate it into images,forms, symbols, imagery, and language (even sounds) to the language the human mind understands. Accessing the your own or others records with permission, provides valuable soul information to aid you to live a better healthy life of peace and joy.

The course teaches you to receive guidance from your Ascended Masters, Gurus, Angels and your loved ones on your soul purpose, gain real time access to the past, present and future, let go of your limitations/blockages, patterns of negative behaviours and negative beliefs. It gives you self empowerment to transform yourself positively to have good relationships and better career or way of life. It does bring you peace and calmness within yourself. The techniques, meditation and prayers will be taught in order for you to access your records. With alot of practice and training, you will be able to read your soul records as well as others. There is Level 1 and Level 2 certification course. For more information about the course contents, payment and schedule, please contact Cosmic Touch Service. Personal coaching and training is also provided with appointment. Certificates and course manuals will be provided. Your will develop your divine intelligence and wisdom as well as the power of your heart with compassion, empathy, love and forgiveness.

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