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Our Services Experience the Magical Effect of Healing of Mind Body and Soul Welcome to Cosmic Touch Service, Malaysia. Cosmic Touch Service provides a unique mix of alternative Cosmic Energy Healing of mind, body and soul, using different modalities to individuals. The main purpose is to provide alternative method of healing together with the western medical care. Cosmic touch services provides healing for clients (face to face; distant healing) as well as training; coaching and consultation. Workshops are carried out in whole of Malaysia and South East Asia on request by companies and private spiritual groups or individuals.

Importance of Healing Earth

Welcome to the magical effect of healing the earth (tithing) and thanking the sun for its unconditional light to the earth every second of the day. I have practised healing the earth for the past few years as well as worshipping the Sun and thanking the Sun as for its unconditional love in giving us its energy or prana for keep us well and in good health on earth.

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